“The First to Know…”…Mercy Ships in Benin – Week 12

During week 12, I realized something…

I’m always the first to know.

When it comes to our patients official radiology report, I’m always the first to know what their exam showed. What their official diagnosis  is. And sometimes, it’s not the best news…

I’m struggling with that fact.

With the fact that I’m the one who reads the report & then has to pass that news on to our doctors. Although this isn’t always the case, with our critical patients, I always page our doctors to give the results as soon as possible. And I’m finding that with every digit I dial, a small piece of my heart goes with it. Because I’ll never forget that moment.

I’ll never forget all the emotions that emerged as I read that report & how they crashed over me when I had to speak those words of bad news.

While we all try to stay positive in these critical situations, we also try to remain realistic.

It’s hard to confirm that the “worst case scenario” pathology that we were all praying wasn’t happening, is indeed what is going on. That realistically, there’s nothing more we can really do for this pathology. That everything we’ve done may not be enough. The patient will either improve, or they won’t.

But no matter the outcome, God has the entire situation under His watchful eye & in His hands. Our knowledge of these patients is not even a spark compared to His blazing flare of understanding. He knows every single thing they need.

It’s His will, not our own, that will be done.

“You hem me in behind & before, & you lay your hand upon me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain.” -Psalm 139:5-6

And it’s because of that very reason, that we’re in the middle of watching yet another miracle unfold before us. This particular patient came to us extremely sick, so very close to deaths door. While they are not out of the woods yet…not by a long shot…they are still with us & they are still improving. And that, in & of itself, is a miracle.

I realized something else in week 12…

I’m in big trouble when it comes to our ortho kids…

BIG trouble. 

A group of potential Ortho patients stand on the dock.

Djazim waits on the dock for an appointment,


Yasmine stands on the dock waiting for an appointment before surgery.

They had me totally & completely wrapped before they even made it into the room…& they knew it. Seriously, they could not be more adorable.

Some of the simplest things in life, things we all take for granted, these children have never been able to do…

Walk without pain.


Climb into a chair by themselves.

Kick a ball.

Valerie stands on the dock before surgery to correct her severely bowed legs.

Valerie stands on the dock before surgery to correct her severely bowed legs.

I can’t wait to watch these sweet kiddos discover what it’s like to walk normally & on straight legs. To watching them discover that walking doesn’t have to be…& shouldn’t be…painful. Watching them take of running for the first time in their life. Watching them climb into a chair…or up onto the x-ray table…by themselves.

Oh how I’m looking forward to all those moments.

-Please join us in prayer for all of our patients, both critical & non-critical alike. Pray for comfort & peace throughout their time with us. That their healing will be swift & without complications. Pray for all of our little ortho patients as they go in for their surgery & as they began their road to recovery. Pray for all of their caregivers & parents as they try to provide comfort.-

Until next time…

– Although I am currently serving with Mercy Ships, everything communicated here strictly reflects my personal opinions and is neither reviewed nor endorsed by Mercy Ships. Opinions, conclusions and other information expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of Mercy Ships. –


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